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Love of Parkour Replays (MP)
Put all of your multiplayer replays here.
will start off.
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Spar - Luck with Jebus.rpl (440.7 KB, 13 views)
eeerrrr we said parkour replays not sparring.....or else we would be a sparring org
anyways u are free to put anythings u want but i'll only choose parkour and trickign for the vid ok?
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Well it was like:" Hehe I'm a noob at realism but lets still try out sparring..FUCK HE GOT MORE POINTS THAN ME LETS MAKE SOME USELESS KICKS.... HAHAHA I'M ON MY HANDS KICKING YOU LIKE IN NORMAL MP!!"

What I was trying to say, it was aweful. You guys really have to learn how to sparr.
Good luck 1/10
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