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what the name of the first replay mod?
I can't see it. post it please

Its castletop_aikido I think.
It is castletop_aikido.tbm
open it up in notepad to see.
from what i could see of you in the sparring, you didnt really do all that much. Tamakuu did most of it. You did well once you stood up to "suicide" but then when you fell you just fell. It would be nice if you flipped or something.
In the tricking one, use -30 gravity. -9 is too floaty.
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I pinged in mid air in the suicide thing; Sorry
Tama didn't want me to fall either. Thats why I didn't, I wanted to stumble off
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Ah okay, but still, work on trying to interact with your opponent more. The first half of the replay was just you rolling over to the edge.