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Sparring War dance.
Yeah, so uh, me and my good ol' buddy Bloodxib were messing around and decided to Spar instead of practice mods.
Short story short, our 1st time ever really sparring (actual 1st time) together and this is what you get.

CnC appreciated, and some for Blood since he stalks the thread <3
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I'm coming back with a vengeance!
He meant CnC for both of us since I was derpin' it up. So yeah. Comment on both sides plox <3. (I tried to include some tricking into it, didn't exactly work out in some cases but it's all trial and error.)
P.S.:You raped my face you meme pony loving jerk. >_>
I'm not going to lie... You should boredom click this link to help me out <3
Teach me moar tricking D:
We need to spar more often, that freestyle we just did was legit.

BTW, bronies all day
I'm coming back with a vengeance!