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Toribash 4.3 beta 5
Toribash 4.3 beta 5

new in beta5:
- fixed game over message not appearing on replays
- fixed possible crash due to zero hand size in replay cache
- fixed drawing blood in render basic
- changed Slower Frame Rate to Lower Frame Rate Cap
- added /damagemeter
- fixed drawing non-shader blood in shader mode
- added volume bars in setup menu
- fixed kiai sound to play for both players
- fixed pausing, playing replay glitch

- Updated multiplayer window (sorting, filters, buddy list)
- Bout list flags
- Bout list stats (right click on player)
- Opener stats (will show next to timers, click to show again)
- Tab completion on all server commands
- Tab completion on all client commands
- Tab completion for mods /lm
- Tab completion for gamerules /set
- Create room options

Server Updates:
- Pause/Unpause
- /nameopener - name your openers
- /decapprize - add a decapprize

Bugg fixes:
- Fixed Multiplayer Window crash on intel cards
- Display avatar in non-shader mode
- /duel mode turn on off correctly
As for the /decapprize command,
you can put items as the prize?
Master of the arcane arts
the tb windows is not responding everytime i joined the room and someone or me playing
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Originally Posted by Hours
One question, can this /decapprize be used in regular private rooms, or can it only be used in torneys and stuff?

Still wondering about this.