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Major issues.
Here's the script.. I came back from a long break and I want to play Toribash, however when I request for a new password, it sends me the link to the page to reset it and all.. but it doesn't give me the second email to see what the new code is to even begin the process. I have repeated this many times and no good has come of it so far. I have three accounts to tend to, and I refuse to start all over again.. Help me out kind strangers in charge.
Check your spam folder.

Sometimes the emails can take a while to come through (took a few hours last time I tried) -- how long has it been?

If all else fails, you can contact an Administrator and they'll be able to manually reset your password. link
@Ruby. Well Thanks, It did take a few hours, but I only got 2/3 accounts to reset.. ah well, guess the third's a lost cause at this point. Thanks.