May I join the Team
Name:matthew schoeman
Belt:black belt
Pets:two cats
Favorite player:Mocucha/swexx/largekilla
Favourite mod:spar
Dreams:to be a graphic designer , make comics and movies and be a physicist
Age:14 in one day
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You guys don't read -_-.... They are telling u this is not the proper format to post,think before you act( sorry for the intrusion Tripstone and everyone else)
"Joining ormo should not be seen primarily as an achievement but as an indication of what your future could be". ~Pusga
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I want to join swexx clan i am traning to be a ninja

Yeah, trip too :

GG trip <3

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

LargKilla can i spar with ya? or mucucha? if i can post your server ok :P
can one of you give me 10,000 TC i need the TC fore something cool.
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