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You're all boring. Except for Ikua. Is it good?


My smartphone is a real prime. It can transform

S6 is the strongest phone, looking at the hardware.

If you have the S6, you can be shure that they put their best into it. Especially at the camera, the S6 is such a good choise
But I don't like how everybody takes it. There are good phones for less money

The biggest problem I do have with all those phones is that it's not a big difference at the end because of the half-good android system (iOs is nothing I would use)..
The biggest problem I have with my phone, allthough nothing can push it to it's limits, is the appsystem. Like a browser with too much toolbars, it get's slower and slower with the time. And you don't have any control, it would be a lie to say that, even after using an App which takes out all the agreements I made in the rights before.

It's like having a computer, filled with software garbage, where the software starts uncontrollable from time to time and does stuff in the background you can't controll.
I guess you would be suprised what my appguard writes down in the log files
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Thanks Aika. I know about benchmarks, I really rather am into the user experience. I have read plenty of reviews about the S6 but imho they're really only a decent guideline, not something I would bank my whole purchase on. That's why I always want to try out phones as much as possible. The S6 really appeals to me, although I'd rather have the Note 5 if it is as great as the S6, because I'd like the extra size for media consumption and I have large hands so I can one hand it well, despite it's huge screen real estate.

It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to phones. I like to have state of the art hardware because it makes things last longer in most cases and it just feels good to not have to have slight annoyances like the ones you described. Because time after time, they get more annoying and as you said, worse over time, which is just plain annoying. I use my phone a ton during the day and have a different taste and requirements for a good phone. Of course I could get a cheap one, that does it's job more or less the same. But I'd rather pay a (reasonable) premium to get that little bit extra.

Thank god Samsung finally started building their phones properly. I like powerhouse phones that have masses of specs and that I can customise to my will. If Samsung gets their shit together further with their Touchwiz UI there's basically no reason for me to not pick up a new Note 5 as my new daily driver for the next 3 years.
Well, it would be the perfect time to decide for a S6 because the performance of it is ahead even compared to the best phones.. it's a beast. I do understand your view an that

Allways wanted a Note too :/ I ordered the postet phone though. Hopefully a good choice
Gotta have the money though, it's an expensive piece of kit. Plus I'd rather have the Note in the same new Samsung build quality.

My hopes for it are basically:

- USB 3.1 for that great connector and major futureproofing (in case one can ever say anything remotely technical is future proof), but I'd really love the new connector to make a first in the Note 5.

- Unibody build with the same great memory tech that is now in the S6 that makes it lightning fast. I always carry my phone as well as an ipod touch. My phone never gets the battery drained by music and I don't have games on it so the battery will last quite a bit when on the go and the ipod battery is top notch no matter what. I got accustomed to carrying more than one gadget and I really enjoy it. Just opens so many possibilites. Leaving the ipod to play some music over AUX at a party while not having to give up my phone etc. If apple decides to release an updated ipod touch this year, I'd be all over that and buy myself a 64gb one in a heartbeat, I just love it. That's why I don't give two shits about SD cards and I'd gladly give up a removable battery for a great looking/feeling device (although the G4 is intriguing I must admit)
- Touchwiz being even less bloated than it is now. I like using custom roms so if the bootloader isn't locked here in Germany I'd totally love to root and get dat stock android experience. But all in all I got accustomed to touchwiz from the really horrid days in the s3 and nowadays it really does seem better, albeit not perfect.
- 4K Display would just be phenomenal, but I'd settle for QHD as well. At 5.7-6" I'd be perfectly fine with the phone size.
- 4GB of RAM and a further improved stylus because reasons.

If all this is happening with the Note 5, I'd buy it, unless the competition really excels.

Also sorry for the long posts, I just love tech etc. I'll be building a monster pc soon for another person and I can't await doing that. (No, I cannot wait for Skylake/Pascal and I doubt AMD will get their shit together anytime soon except for maybe the 390x)
4k Display and 4GB RAM would be awesome, indeed. This would be a good phone for atleast like 2 years, for shure.

You didn't mentioned a new akku/battery. Have you heard of the new ionen-akku that recharges in one minute and can bend? From Stanford-University. It's not ready yet but I hope that it will be soon, because the recharging is really annoying

Since everything get's updated very fast in the world of tech, I thought about googles new modular phone, where the hardware is exchangeable in particular.

This might be my next one