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A thread to show the progress and plans of what the staff are working on.


you get the idea.
The point is to
1.inspire players to suggest ideas on sections of the game that the staff are working on, or plan to work on.
2.Stop anyone who says the staff aren't doing anything.
3.Be more organized (if this is isn't already implemented in private)
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this idea have alot of cons imo, lets see:
-the game is still in closed alpha state meaning the workplan may change anytime, alot of ideas are going to get cancelled which is going to let some people's hopes down.
-people will keep spamming ideas that seem good on paper but in reality are either out of reach or going to ruin the game (inverse kinetics for example).

and i think they have enough organization as some players already have the testing version and constantly sending them feedback and suggestions.

tho i would support this idea if implemented when the open beta is released (which is few months from now, probably)
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-Im not talking about toribash next. And I don't see how disappointed players would be more disappointed if told before a project is implemented.
-It will raise the quality of the posts here not lower them.
-Thats not organization.

It's so easy to state things without anything to back it up, isnt it?
You can't fight change. You can't fight nature.