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If your see the text: "Curl error ... aborting" and NO file were downloaded successfully (since Toribash 3.1) , it means that Toribash can't access the internet to download the textures.
A firewall or a router might be blocking it.
More information about this, can be found here.

21-03-2008 11:23:12 Downloading custom/a_coathanger/l_leg.tga - New file
21-03-2008 11:23:16 Downloading custom/a_coathanger/r_thigh.tga - New file
21-03-2008 11:23:16 Downloading custom/a_coathanger/r_leg.tga - New file

I've been at this crap for a few months. I'm pretty angry that my textures STILL don't work. No solution has yet to work... It says this but it hasn't done anything.