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version 3.2
ok i have asked before about three or four player but on hampa's post about 3.0 it says there is 2on1 and 2on2 now they say it is coming up in the future and i was wondering if it is now possible in the release of verion 3.2 and what happened that it wasnt in 3.1.
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It will be here when it gets here. Be patient.
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It was made possible in 3.0, it just wasn't set in the default game rules because it wasn't totally completed yet or something. They are working on making it better now, once they have it right they will probably put it in the next version by default.

You can find a 3/4 player match generator here
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Will be released when it's released. rawksonic's post may help you create 3/4-player replays in singleplayer.
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