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Modding (sort of)
May i point out there is no value to the Torishop because my friends and people i know have been retexturing their models with photoshop and they are visible online, they haven't got 1 single TC.

Is that hacking? Because everyone can see their changes too.
This shouldn't happen, really.
You can add .tga files to your "Custom" folder to emulate buying the texture item and uploading a texture, but nobody else should be able to see the textures.
If your "friends and people" you know have access to any of the upload boxes on this page, then there isn't a problem.
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Well...i've seen them using it, it's something you google and download, you open it and then select the part of the model you want to edit, then upload an image onto it. The image wraps around the part selected and everyone can view it.

They do it for free without using Real cash or TC.
So basically you want to me to grass on them? :P

Kaleva, Shook01, wit, randomtoy and Bes.

There are others but i don't know their names.
those cnames dont even exist in my costom folder -.- (thats the folder where all the textures are fom everyone who has them)
so i wouldnt be able to see their textures if i'd see those guys online...