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i can't see my orc torso or relax orc gradient primary and secondary my chronos primary and chronos blood.

why can't i see it please help me i don't like thinking i hve wasted money!

serioulsy need help here plz
Don't expect us to be gods and double post just a minute after your first one. We get to you when we get to you, if you can't be patient it's your loss.

And it usually takes a while for things to activate, since the server needs to reload a bunch of stuff from database.
Oh no! Own goal!?
this has been happening to me
i cant see any of my items at all --> those are orc primary, chronos secondry, and glad blood.
i asked others if they could see it and they can... why can i not
it was working fine a while ago but then it just..stopped

also i can see other people items and textures so i dont think its a problem with my computer or graphics card or anything

i would really like a solution to this coz i hate having a boring plain tori.
you make me feel like i peed myself..... it makes me feel warm :P

This is how awsome Squid is
yeh at least ur mouse isn't fading as well now tho lol

problem solved i just downloaded the version 3.24 instead and now i se eit all
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