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Hard Time Discussion Thread
For people that wanna "Discuss" The free game "Hard Time".
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Hard Time is a game in which you control a character who has just been sentenced to do hard time. You can use the generic character created, or you can make your own by choosing a new nickname and adjusting character attributes including health, strength, intelligence, and crime committed. It's also possible to change the character's physical appearance. Once your character is complete, it's time to meet your fellow inmates and start to establish your reputation.

Hard Time is quick to install and to run. The controls employ various shortcut keys, and you can use the mouse to pan around the room. With your character, you are free to explore the prison and interact with other prisoners. Activities include exercising, fighting, and working. You earn money by working, which is particularly useful for acquiring friends. The decisions your character makes cause the various meters of health, reputation, and strength to go up or down.

The mechanics of this game are easy to pick up and the graphics are not high tech. They get the job done, though, if you're just looking for a fun diversion, and the game does load quickly and run smoothly. This is not a game you'll enjoy if you're interested in a hard-core gaming experience or if you take it too seriously. There just isn't a lot of substance either in the characters or the storyline options, but for a free game, it's not bad.

In a bleak future where there are more criminals than citizens, one prison hopes to redress the balance with short doses of HARD time. Take your punishment like a man and try to endure the grueling regime of Southtown Correctional Facility. Create your own inmate from scratch and rub shoulders with up to 100 fellow convicts throughout the sprawling prison complex. With each passing day, every action taken and every word spoken will sculpt your own unique identity - as you attempt to juggle the physical and mental demands of prison life.

You'll soon find that reputation is the only currency that matters in this world. Having one keeps you alive, but avoiding one keeps you sane. Which side of the fence will you fall on.

What's new:

1.Windowed mode available as an alternative executable.


Trivia:The entire game was made in 3 months.
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I quite like it as a mobile game with its sense of humour and how you could kill everyone in a room of 15 people and then get killed by one lucky guy who happens to still be left.
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I like how you can steal a machine gun and kill everyone in your cell block It's so suspense trying to get the machine gun back to the cell
Please post screenshots here.
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