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>>fl0w<< [Replays]

Do you have some cool replays? Have u utterly destroyed Uke lately?
Show us! We love blood and guts flying in slow motion.
Let's see that decap again! [REPLAY!]

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meh replays epicness
good one right here
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ffffffuucked him.rpl (52.1 KB, 70 views)
or real nowffffff.rpl (32.9 KB, 54 views)
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fl0w, like, rain
nice replays man :3 what do u think on mine ? :O

also i had less post count then u like a week ago i had 22 posts or so now i has 122 xD
emmm ... dats kinda epic stuff there
decaping uke in air, raping an opener faeg, sexy madmans ;p
gaaah seems like ill upload someth too ;p like laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
tell me about aikido
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nice replays guys ! :-D

Blood how do you post replay without the ugly "attachement" thingy ?

and here are my first replays on teh board
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spar Lawrence1.rpl (557.5 KB, 32 views)
wushu cut in half.rpl (93.1 KB, 30 views)
wushu Aneu.rpl (82.2 KB, 17 views)
well i just went to attacments>upload replays>close the attachments window>clicked attachments and press "insert all".
<8OJ4N>Dark hax-a-lot
<8OJ4N>sounds like a knight

nice replays guys!

and 2blu...why do you put so many "f"s in your replay titles? lol
Hampa> dont loose if you want to be ranked high :)
Hampa> yeah, a timeless wisdom right there
ok guys, I'm trying to make a replay for this Running On Anger event thingy, which one should I post between those two ? :]
and a third one I just made, (I might go for this one in fact :p)
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deprav - Running on Anger 1.rpl (141.4 KB, 40 views)
deprav - Running on Anger 2.rpl (206.8 KB, 29 views)
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