yea ;p also.. gaaah ill upload some replays when.. well at some day XD
tell me about aikido
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haha sweet fight with hampa! i fought he once, but he had to leave like half way through the fight. RAGE

this replay is in memory if NickXD
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improv w nick.rpl (90.5 KB, 23 views)
Hampa> dont loose if you want to be ranked high :)
Hampa> yeah, a timeless wisdom right there
Here's the snake attack I told you about snake ;D (it fail badly but the replay is awesome)

and some replays of random matchs with the wushu modification I've been doin for some times, I've lost most of them tho D:
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wushusnakatak.rpl (191.2 KB, 21 views)
NEW MOD 5 epic.rpl (159.1 KB, 8 views)
NEW MOD 9 awesome.rpl (210.0 KB, 9 views)
NEW MOD 10.rpl (192.5 KB, 7 views)