Fun fact, TB forum takes little to no internet to load.
Running a solid 200kb/s download.
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Which is a big plus imo.
Even the game itself only takes a little bandwith to run properly when u disable autoload textures(and it works lol).
I had a mobile internet stick once, the cheapest and shittiest one i could find,because of work and i was still able to play the game.Had too many disconnects tho.

@kozamura:who are you?
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Running toribash properly is not that easy
sometimes I need to turn off discord and cannot play tourneys or betting rooms
my hardware keeps me fked up!

but well, until now I'll stay unactive ingame for some weeks.
when my new computer arrives I'll smack ya'll asses
Enjoint life
Wow is this new display of forum is permanent now?
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I think there's a way to view "classic", haven't looked for it tho. I kinda like it, bit disorientating though
found it @raiken
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just like daddy. Thanks Tasa.... dogeater
im using the light,modern forum style now

its alright i guess

i shed a single tear for the old forum style tho ,lol