and if you wanna see some of my replays then type in fl0w replays in *search tag* on the replay page
and i will try to go with the flow =)

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Nick:[email protected]
Belt: 6th dan
Previous clans:Extreme
Reason to join: I want to be a better member of toribash
Replays: ~You must add replays to application
And sure those replays must be a wushu replays without openers, but with impro and comebacks.
Posted my app

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oh shit waddup
Could i join, I'm good in wushu, and I'm also motivated.

~you could fill an app properly... then we'll see.

you can watch my stats....
and filling an app and the skill aren't the same.

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WubWubWub Cookie Monsta///Omg free tc

Nick: Shayan
Age: 15
Belt: ~ViperTech Belt
Previous clans: RAM ; Piratez ; etc.
Reason to join: I wanna go with the flow..
I would like to join, cause your clan has all the good combination from all sides. It's basically all in one. You seem like kind and friendly people. I am looking forward to learn wushu from this clan, so once i play with you i can get to know you better and all.
I need some people to fight with me. I have moderation experience from my official organization JAW.
I would like to join you sooo much but sorry, i don't have that much wushu skills. So instead here are some madmans. I look forward to join you!

T0R - Basic Split.rpl
KooK- v2vortmal%20.rpl
BTW I make good events one is currently in my signature. I make arts too.

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Nick: jafem
Age: 16
Belt: 3rd dan
Previous clans: leader in the dead clan mafia
Reason to join: would be fun and awesome to join
Replays: here is my replay

note: i have played like 3 years but i took a year pause so i am a bit rusty

Attached Files
cool kick.rpl (27.5 KB, 11 views)
watch this.rpl (5.5 KB, 7 views)
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Nick: Rubenoel
Age: 16
Belt: 2rd dan~we are 3 dan and up
Previous clans: No-Mercy
Reason to join: I'm active, so i will help that clan and train with the members. ~I doubt. Your join date is 2008 and for all this years you reached only 2nd dan.
Replays: below

Attached Files
ru2.rpl (16.7 KB, 6 views)
ru.rpl (13.9 KB, 5 views)
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♪ I'm slowly drifting, drifting away ♫
Nick: Killz
Age: 17
Belt: 4th dan black
Previous clans: non
Reason to join: i was in a room with abour 10 other fl0w members and its nice to have an active clan.
Replays: I really dont have any. i dont really save games. but you can test me online?

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Application form

Nick: Romanovsky

Age: 26

Belt: I have never believed belt mattered, but I am a 6th dan, with a past account that was an 8th dan.

Previous clans: Fridge (Long Time Ago), Death Plague (Long time ago when I didn't hate them), XIII (Long time ago, became leader after Dox left and Fate went inactive, Dox kicked me from the clan, rest followed me into the next clan), Tempest (Died after the founder Nigh disbanded it, clan members followed me into my clan next) Order of the Wushu Dashi (My clan, died from the hack, never re-made it)

Reason to join: You seem like a well-made and well organized clan. Some of my friends are in this clan, and it's mostly wushu.

Replays: I can improvise, however I generally choose not to, especially with my rust lately. I have 62-67 openers I self made a long time ago with a technique that allows me to adapt them quickly and effortlessly according to what my opponent does, they are different nearly every time I use them.

My Skills and Accomplishments: I teach Wushu, Ninjitsu, Systema_Spetsnaz, comebacks, and movement styles for all mods in my org: Leaf Wushu Dojo, however I've been rather inactive lately, which is something I am trying to fix. I have won numerous wushu/ninjitsu tournaments, and sparred against some of the best wushuers including Kamiko, whom I share a similar movement style to. I created wushu_pro.tbm before it was ripped off by other mods (Wushu7 or something and Brushu). I have been teaching Bojan (until he went inactive) and Xhiba (until he quit). I taught Glow (Whom was Glowing, whom was Sacrafan) a long time ago. I have taught a lot of other players, but those may be the most notable. Often though, like most other players, I have good days, and bad days where nearly anyone can beat me.

My Personality:
I am generally no nonsense when it comes to teaching Wushu, I demand respect and give it in return. I have many enemies, but many good friends, whom say I have an 'abrasive attitude' of which I agree. I insult in my lessons if it is merited to help teach by fire, so to speak. I rule servers with an iron fist and enforce rules I set down harshly. If I am feeling good, I will often play games with the server inhabitants by allowing them choices and questions which may or may not result in them getting op, or ban. I am loyal and will not hear of mutiny, no matter who is in charge, or what they have done. I have a philosophy 'If you have something to say, say it to the person's face, or do not speak it at all' which often results in great enemies, or great friends.

I have a great knowledge/memory of openers and styles, and I often criticize those that refuse to learn. I utterly hate the Jepoy Sweep kick, well-known helicopters, and annoying well-known rushing-flips that take no skill at all. I am forgiving however, for those that are new to the game, I offer to teach them right from wrong if they are merely willing to admit that they are new and wish to learn. I have no tolerance for those that perform those with experience, of which you can determine by their belt and how they act. I hate people that are egotistical with no merits, and I respect those that are above me in skill (Most of Alpha, Nighend, Glow etc.).

However, when it comes to not teaching, and not playing serious matches, I'm a very nice, and very down-to-earth guy, unless you piss me off.

I segment wushu into different portions and judge by how they perform overall in these portions:

wushu segments

A few replays in my 'highlights' folder:

replays description

/End Application

That be my app.

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Alright, so..

I had an app all made out and when I went to post it, something happened and the server was reset, thus making me lose the whole app. My app will most likely be shorter, due to the fact that I spent a while on it, and lost it all.

Name: reniGami (getting the forum name with a capital G soon).

Age: I am 16 years old.

Belt: 134 qi

My background: I started Toribash in 2008 on another alt, whom I brought to a high Brown Belt status, then soon abandoned Toribash. A while later in 2011, I came back to check out the single player mode, and multiplayer caught my eye. I soon met Alaistier, whom told me after a short while that he'd like to see me apply. I contemplated the idea and later decided to hang out with fl0w. Soon after, they decided they wanted to test me. I started off alright, some members of fl0w can tell you how I was. I decapitated William along the way, which might do something for me. Seeing as I am such a low belt, that brings upon two problems: One, I do not have replays to share with you, and two, I cannot get into the wushu8 server. I am hoping that by watching me ingame, you can approximate a skill level without the help of some replays I unfortunately do not have. So, that's mostly me, with a couple of tangents here and there.

Why I want to join: There are some prodigious wushu players in this clan, of which I would like to be a part of. I think wushu is the most entertaining mod, which focuses my attention on fl0w's notoriety for wushu.

My personality: I am not defined by a personality. I base everything off adaptation. I note that fl0w is a less-serious, more relaxed clan. They joke and play and make a couple funny little innuendos, and that's perfectly comfortable for me. Penis. And dicks. Tell me to act how you want, and I will.

Thank you, fl0w, for reading this.

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My re-apply
Nick: jafem
Age: 16
Belt: 3rd dan
Previous clans: Leader in the dead clan mafia(official)
Reason to join: This clan has a nice friendship and it is awesome. i wanna be the fl0w. I wanna walk with the fl0w.
Replays: I have some replays here. I hope they are good enough

This is my goodbye!
I dont want to be in fl0w anymore. Being rejected twice made me "unplayable".
The only reason i started playnig toribash again was of you guys. fl0w was my reason. You made the game interesting ..but now, No i am speachless. just accept it i dont want to be in fl0w.

I will remain clanless and bad for the moment...
i will still be your friends. If i cant complete your requirements twice then i must be bad. So i am to bad for you

~Don't feel so sad about it, jaf. It's pretty hard to join this clan as is, specially with the current influx of members.
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awesome.rpl (65.2 KB, 4 views)
1.rpl (43.7 KB, 3 views)
5.rpl (93.4 KB, 3 views)
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