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hmm :# here is some new tracks ive been listening to them latley :3

Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious - Change The Formality

u gotta listen to them till the freaking end! xD

Infected Mushroom - Killing time

same to this one :>

there are some more tho those are good xD
nice Puni, I like infected mush too, that's some good trance he makes =p

Hehe Snake, I felt like I had to post some music with "real" instruments.

here's some cool dubstep, would make a good tracks for a toribash video with a lot of dm :D

Stenchman - Cut in half
Well,I'm listening mostly these days to Indie music,some rap nd hip hop,and rock.(I think I named all music genres :V).

What I'm digging lately:Lil Wayne's "The carter II" album.Plenty of quality music in it.

Lyrics is the "mainstream" rap you hear everyday,pretty much his two subjects are about money and bitches,fine by me...I like his beats xP.

Promising artists:James Blake,he's 21 years and has made some great album called "James Blake"(arrogant right?).Well,his album is a great example of weird music I like,not mainstream nd shit.
Well,I feel those 3 songs describe him best:
- songs in that link,live show)

I also like Sufjan stevens,he released Age of Adz recently,and his best album illinois(bout chicago).He wanted to make an album for each state,I think he's done bout 2 for states.His voice is intense,and feels close,check him out:
-(this song is 25 minutes,but worth every second),

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Your messed up world enthrills me
Dunno if I'm alone here but I'm into post-hardcore, techno, metal etc... Asking Alexandria, attack attack!, woe is me, the paramedic, pendulum, etc ;p that's what I'm into right now... It could completely change anytime though I like everything really ;p
Sakky Poobs..?
Well,I listened to some Asking Alexandria's Life Gone Wild,and wasn't much impressed;although,I might picked out a bad album for them,dunno.
Your messed up world enthrills me
Yeah that's their newer album. Not nearly as good as their old one. Try A Prophecy or Not The American Average. Those are my favorite songs by them
Sakky Poobs..?