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Well well, another anime watcher. So we enjoy the same kind of entertainment huh, I see.

Yeah, anime is awesome.
I just got done rewatching the first 5 seasons of bleach.
I forgot how much I liked it.
Also, Food Wars is really funny I have been watching it lately.

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I've been catching up to 'Black Mirror'.
I just realized that the possibility in the future is just infinite.
Which most of them are going to be dark af.
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I have just been reading a bunch of comics.
I have been watching the Defenders series on Netflix.
Also watching individual storylines, such as Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc...
They have all been pretty good, I stay up all night and all day for every Marvel series like these.
Binged most of them in 1-2 days, now all I need is to watch Iron Fist, which I heard was the worst, so rip me.
Also, have been watching One Piece, it is like Fairytail, but with shitty character development. Also, it is a tad more mature.
Overall I haven't been watching much anime recently.
Reading some manga though, like Naruto and Daytime Shooting Star.

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I've been catching up to 'Black Mirror'.
I just realized that the possibility in the future is just infinite.
Which most of them are going to be dark af.

Black Mirror is an amazing show tbh
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Ok I'm bumping this thread to recommend Chernobyl, it's a miniseries at 5 episodes on HBO and a really nice break from longer series that take weeks to finish.
It's about the Chernobyl accident in Russia 1986 and cover both what happened during the accident and after.
All and all probably the best watch you'll have from a miniseries in my opinion
That incident was 2 years after i was born,my parents told me about all the panic it created back then.Some People didnt wanted to leave their houses in in germany because they were afraid of the radiation which was carried with the wind towards germany which was not really a problem in the part where we lived but nobody knew that back then.
A story my mother told me multiple times is that after 2 weeks after the incident she let me and my brother play on a lawn in the open and another woman walks by and screams at my mother to get us back into the house.Was awkward apparently, i cant remember that tho. oh well, what will one do in this situation.Stay in the house forever?Keeping children in the house forever?

It all sucked of course,nowadays theres the talk about climatechange and according to scientists atomar energie could still our energyhunger while being far better regarding the CO2 output but nobody on the green site wants anything to do with atomarenergy.Germany closed/will close its atomar powerplants while other nations build it like crazy with less security standards."shrugs" Its a crazy world we live in.

Speaking of crazy and since this is the netflix&chill thread:
I bingewatched Archer in the last few months.Its an animated show and most of you should know it i guess since it came on MTV and stuff but for those who dont know it check it out if you like crazy,fucked up spy comedy.
Recent things I've watched that I'd recommend:


German series on Netflix, takes place in a small town and the main story is about time travel, it's over all a very heavy series and little to no humor in it. If you're going to watch it watch it in german.

Deilman Crybaby:

Anime series on netflix, superb soundtrack and visuals, very fun and expressive style of animation. Gritty story with a lot of violence, drugs and sex, definitely not for everyone. Haven't watched all the way through yet, but it's very short, only 10 episodes that are 20 minutes a piece, the ending is supposedly not the greatest but worth a watch if you want to watch something animated and unique.


Korean movie that came out in the fall of last year, about a poor Korean family that tricks another richer family to get themself wealthier lives. Best movie I've watched during 2019 and will watch again soon. Recommended to everyone that doesn't mind watching movies in other languages than their own or english.