you look like a boss ;)
Hampa> dont loose if you want to be ranked high :)
Hampa> yeah, a timeless wisdom right there
You be the baws.
Toribash TakeOVER
<Colossus> ROFL
<Colossus> my friend got hit by a car
<Colossus> gonna go visit him. brb

[22:45:46] <Thorn> I know she likes it in the ear
[22:45:53] <Thorn> because when I put it to her mouth she turns away
cocky frenchman. just stereotypical ; ) good pic (deprav)

enks, i like your pics too. idea, how about ya'll post a picture of you doing one of your hobbies (sadly pornography is forbidden, so maybe post pictures of you doing some other sport)... just an idea
awesome pic deprav ;p i posted a picture of me in H&&&g board and ima post again here.
<8OJ4N>Dark hax-a-lot
<8OJ4N>sounds like a knight

I'll wait for pic from Xhibaneger in full police armor (we have high hopes that you become law-enforcer :P) , and use it as a reference image for a front page of some comic. :P
sounds awesome ;p just need some black sun glasses for sure ;p
tell me about aikido
~referencing Dark Souls in suicidal threads since 13/01/15

im the guy on the left side ;p

stupid monkey stole and tore apart my sunglasses.
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<8OJ4N>Dark hax-a-lot
<8OJ4N>sounds like a knight