Yesterday I held a "Introduction/get to know each other day" for the year 1 students.

Notes to self:
- Never organize something without selecting your co-workers yourself.
- Never include someone who cannot improvise
- Never ever leave stupid people (co-workers) alone.

In the end I asked some 1st graders what they thought and they said:
"You where the leader right and the other your pawns?,
Cause' they did shit and boring stuff..."
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!
Just received my mid year results this evening, passed 5 subjects out of 6.
<8OJ4N>Dark hax-a-lot
<8OJ4N>sounds like a knight

Well done

Today I did nothing but drink coffee, minecraft, and trackmania.
Also I watched Insidious. Freaky stuff. :o
Yeah, darkblood, I started playing it today. It's kinda fun hahaa. Oh and that's good Bojan. Get better quicker.
Today I went to the sport gears mall, so I had some other human contacts than my gf, my parents and my usual friends. Felt surprisingly nice !
I asked some random info to some girl working there, she was so cute I almost melt down (she could be on our Hawt gurls thread).

Anyway, bought some cheap sport clothes (pants/t-shirts/pair of shoes) 'cause I'll be back to sport on Tuesday since I'll start learning Wing Chun !

Then I went to get my new phone which I ordered on tuesday at the phone shop. I'm finally a modern man with a Samsung smartphone ! I can take pretty pics, go on ze internet, and play useless games \o/


Glad you're going better Bojan ! how many bottles did you fill ? ;3
I'm at summerhouse. Tho thats autumn and thats cold.
tell me about aikido
~referencing Dark Souls in suicidal threads since 13/01/15
Do you know that iPhone 5 is in stock? also i don't see a big difference between 4 and 4S...i`m kinda dissapointed it appeared yesterday 12.09.12

5 _ 4s _4