ToriCombat League
what do u guys think is better?

nice fight, when every kick allows ur opponent come to u and continue fight or when u just kick every time when u can? (even if u will fly away)

In example big tourneys I do every kick (almost, if I won't fly too far away) if I see that I'll fly like a turkey at thanksgiving I ussualy change's it a bit, so I'll still hit but not as hard. When I'm just playing for fun I don't do the super hard kicks that makes me fly far over the sky. I just change's it as I said before.

I would call the best fight where your kick allows your opponent come to you and continue the fight with out unnecessary cb's

Also I'm in the Student Council now
Siku can't touch this!
I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to say.. :s

Do you mean kicking your opponent with full power that sends you flying, or kicking with less power that keeps you relatively in the same area? And so the opponent has more chance of delivering powerful blows.
Today I will:

Go to my friends garage to fix my electric guitar (some tweaks here and there) and then proceed to play it on his 100W Fender amp and on my 15W Line6 amp.
Hello, world.
Today I did some probability, just like I have been doing the last week; only to find that it is one of the "impossible" math questions.

(Yes, I do have a formula, and an general statement (answer), but there is no "real" answer to the "real" question...)
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!
Do share.I always sucked at math, but I'm interested
Also dats trolling perfected.

Hmm, Today was a usual day.Toribash+training some football later.Gosh I'm boring.
Your messed up world enthrills me
Ppfff, my day is wayyyyy. School, lol (some farm) and then I did go tobsome friends dorm, and now I'm here :P atleast you had fotball training
Siku can't touch this!