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12 clans in all clan league lol
Btw. If anyone wanna play boxshu as main go for it. Iprime might be better. Also blu is an excellent player.
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Hey Fade,

first off:is there a limit now how many games in a mod and war one player can play or not?
because i cant find anything in the official rules about it rn.

nvm,apparently its really possible for one person to do all the matches"facepalm"

We can try to schedule a time this weekend (friday or saturday evening, europe time for me) and try to get as many members as possible together.

OR everyone will schedule his matches directly with the opponent player in the given mods.

our lineup for each mod right now is:

drgonz for abd (fill in iprime/insanity)

insanity for boxshumushu (fill in william/iprime)

kane for lenshu(fill in deminik/iprime)

blueevil for erthtk(fill in dashier)

Because it can be bothersome to get all players together at the same time.


Heres a link to our discord:
@ Members:Ok, since there is no limit how many games a player can play we will just decide that our main players for each mod will do all the matches in it.

That means you can play 5 games of mod x in a war but you can only play mod x two times in a row.You have to play another mod after you played mod x twice.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If a fill in player wants to play in the same mod you can split the games for the wars against one clan.(meaning one player does all matches in war 1 and mod x against one clan and another player does all matches in war 2 and mod x against the same clan)

Make sure to have autosave replays activated and keep track of your games.
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I'd prefer we set a time, and try to get as much members as possible

Saturday or Sunday morning is perfect for me for example
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How does Saturday 11 AM -5 GMT sound to you guys?

Also if you want to message me on discord it's DALTON#1036, could probably organize faster that way.
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I hope i will be back on saturday. Lets open a room on saturday and keep it going with clan ops from out group all day. Perhaps sunday to. It would be nice if we can wrap it up this weekend. I hope i can make it.
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@fade:Sounds good to me.If nothing unexpected happens i will be there.

@insanity:Yea, lets try to finish it asap.
So uh this Saturday 11AM GMT-5?

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Yes, this saturday 11 am gmt -5 ( thats 6 pm gmt +2 ).

I talked to spark and tribe and if everything goes well we can get a lot of fights done in our whole group.


reminder to all:bring lots of time and keep good track of all your games
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Sweet. Best of luck! I hope Tribe can be around at that time too
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