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Frosty Kickoff

Welcome Players

Welcome to Frosty Kickoff head to the field and test your punting abilities!
Kick the ball in for a field goal for a reward
and send it down the center for an even greater one!

How To Enter
Game Client:
Go to the News tab in the in-game client and choose the "Frosty Kickoff" event.
Press the "Participate" button located at the bottom.
The event cutscene will play instructing you on how to play!
Then you'll take it from there!


- No Replay Hacking
- No Replay Stealing
- No Editing Mod Rules
- Do Not Enter With Multiple Accounts


Score A Field Goal

3,000 TC
1 Shiai Token
150 Battle Pass XP

Score A Field Goal In The Center

+2,000 TC
+1 Shiai Token
+150 Battle Pass XP


February 5th 24:00 UTC +0

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