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A tricking tutorial.
So me, shoddy and magnussol were speculating about there being a tricking tutorial for begginers, for example teaching you how to backflip or flash kick, you know the simple stuff.
idk i personally think that having a tricking tutorial that teaches and explains the essentials of tricking would be very usefull for someone that wants to start out
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There is a collection its called the Trickionary. A lot of tricks don't have an example but some do. I bet you can find replays that have something somewhere.
^link to it.
Listen to kirito i grabbed the wrong link lol

This Youtube channel JAGGER Toribash has a few good tutorials

ConCon made a tutorial that has a few tricks

T-Toribash ³ Has from what i can tell a handful of tricks that go step by step.

Also im sure there are youtube videos as well.

Hope this helped in some way
It would be cool if something like the Trickionary was brought back.
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at the end of that video youll see some tutorials on how to do backflips, etc
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You can check out the updated tricktionary in my siggy, it has alot more tricks, and some tuts.
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I'm talking about "ingame" i forgot to mention it in my main post.
Also thanks for mentioning the tricktionary, gave me quite alot of ideas.
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In-game is the same as watching video tutorial.

Video ---> you watch how to do the trick by following the player using the joint's
In-game ---> a text appear to guide you tricking and telling you what joints are going to be used

the difference is only 1, that watching video will give you tips, in game tutorial will not.
I'm worrrrrking on it man. Give me time I'm going camping for a week then I'll crank out a quick WiP of a tutorial and slowly add tricks.
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