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To have a shirt.Details are below.

To be able to have a different force all the way from your hip to your right bicep/wrist.(Assuming the tori raises up his hand).Well,i'm expecting that this is like an item which you can buy.Short sleeve up to bicep,long sleeve up to wrist.
Since this is an item i guess it would work out.
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Hey,Hey,People,im not talking about just single joints,but as a whole.

ahm...that would be kida hard to make...hence there are alot of colors...
and making the shirt thingy would use alot of time xD
and it'd be it wouldn't be used that much
i get what you mean, you mean a different force color for a certain area...
yet that would be costing either alot, or no one would realy buy that...
it's a good idea...but meh
well i just want to bring back the previous suggestion of half the body one force and other half another.This would bring toribash up up up.
I think this is a bad idea that market could lose all their clients it could be real but it will cost a lot like joints textures.