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Do you think you have what it takes to Beat the Uke? Well you probabbly do. But this might be suitible for begginers. Before i go on here are some thanks.
I would like to thank Dafe for making the ghost trainer. LOL you can find it here

And i would also like to thank DoubleDagR for telling me how to use it XD. So anyways here is the script, for ya to battle Uke, you don't have to change the settings. It will change them automatically.

Some errors i noticed:
Uke might tear himself apart. I'll fix that later.
You have to move or your body will control it's self (You have to move, so you can beat Uke. So you shouldn't be worrying about that.)

So here You go guys, I'll try to fix it a bit, and make it harder. Have fun!!!
EDIT: the Second version is out, here you go.

hey i recently made a upgraded version of that move!
i got the script.. but he didnt fight back. i loaded it in aikido...

any help?

edit: it works.. juss doessnt work in aikido i guess.. thanks for the aweosme script.
Uke messes me up!
dude he so freaking pwned me! i wish i could just see him stand there so i can take out a freaking ak and blow his head off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *trigger happy*
look up this on youtube. (toribash cool moves) there are some good moves for you to try on there. Also watch for the move by evilperson he does try to grap his leg and bring him down he'll most likely hit the floor.
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^Too. Fucking. Stupid.

Instead of flaming him like an immature idiot, try to help him or say something productive, otherwise don't even bother posting at all.

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Download the script and place it in your scripts folder
(C: \Games\Toribash-4.1\data\script)

After that, go in-game and activate the script from the menus.
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[03:39] <idabosswiz> can't you just set up a pass for ddos?