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Epic, but I was dissapointed by the lack of decap and crotch/abdomen booms.

i was able to do a really large boom with that sidekick but the problem with that was that my tori flew to far away from uke, and ending it there wouldn't really be that great.
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The dismemberments were perfect, and you had no problem with movement whatsoever.
The manip looked awesome too, I liked it the most for some reason.

i always thought you were more of a boom guy pusga, seems like i was wrong ^^. Thanks for the positive comment.

Today i finished a selfspar that i have been working on for a verry long period of time and here is the finished replay.
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A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
also i sing harshvocals n stuff