Video request
hey swex i want your permision for you to accept me making a video of your replays
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hi, thanks spry <3 love ya hope you enjoy my present btw

another replay spent alll night working on it
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bitch i got no hands-

Like Spry said, it was a nice idea to get rid of the hands. The transition to the first kick was pretty stylish and the boom was great. For the finishing part I'd prefer a simple powerful decap or a boom. I really liked this replay, nice job.

Case Closed-

The opener was cool, the spins were pretty nice. I think your glutes were too much extended for the first spin though (around 900). I didn't like how you pushed Uke up a bit and grabbed him again but the powerful boom made up for it. I was expecting a better skeet, you had the whole torso to dm yet you just hit Uke's hand (you should turn damage on for skeets like that). The decap was weak ehehe

Your replays are fun to watch because of your nice style. Keep it up
(╯°□°)╯︵ pɐǝɹɥʇ ʎɐldǝɹ
Case Closed- The whole opener was pretty great until your left hand has hit uke. It broke the flow rather badly. I was hoping for a really sweet manip coming up, but all I got was a 4-dm boom. The boom is not exceptional, but pretty good. And 4dm boompunches are a lot more diffficult than kicks, I tell you that. That skeet was nothing special, but with self damage, it'll be impressive.
ah, thanks guys really appreciate the comments
I forgot about self damage completely , maybe I will continue that replay in the future

I made this one relatively quickly
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Internets replay thread
Hi I didn't like anything about my other replay thread whatsoever
so I switched

All I ask is for some cnc , if possible I will cnc your threads
NOTE: I am lazy on occasions so it may take a day or so for me to comment

so here is my replay
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I liked the jump and the first kick. The second I'm not to fond of but still nice and has alot of power. And the throw at the end was a nice touch.
Overall i give it a 7/10
Realism is beautiful
double knee flawless maximumspeed hits makes my pp tough and that decap was bizarre in a very good way, I guess the adequate word would be unusual. it still flowed perfectly (i have no idea how) and looked extremely stylish. amazing job.
oh yeah