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fantasy clan league
basically once the clan league bracket is released, people can make a prediction on who will win each round and there are prizes on getting the most accurate prediction

ex: 19/19 (or most accurate out of the rest) gets 50k + 2 st

of course multiple people will probably get the prize depending on how much people decide to do the fantasy

for the finals there could be a special round with a prize for it alone if you predict who wins and the exact score, just throwing ideas out.

on how this could be executed im not sure on. maybe people could make their own bracket (exact replica) on challonge (assuming that's what we're using) and put in their predictions
This is a stellar idea man, I can't believe it's never been done before. I'll tag this as elevated and forward a written proposition based around the idea to the ES.

@everyone: Feel free to continue offering suggestions here.
my only concern would be, that rigging can become a thing, as clans which know they are going to lose have people bet for certain scores and share the money.

aswell as alts betting against your clan and you throw on purpose.

it needs to be strongly supervised in regards for alts and any attempts to rigging.
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