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@hush: why not use autosave? It's so damn convenient

I don't have the patience to rifle through 30 replays a day lol
God.. i swear that if i get the freaking computer i'll be playing dis shit again c: so.. expect some gay ass replays
Death is so sure of victory, which gives us a life of advantage
Fear is such a scrub

Also this thread is awesome, I approve
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Yeah, I only don't like erthtkv2 because of the mod's name. Make it "tkv2," and the mod will instantly become more popular. This is a valid reason as the name of the mod is still an important feature that no one seems to have yet discussed.
I have a special opener that has split Fear twice in a row.

He has yet to find a counter.

/me lurks away before Fear yells at him
in the name of the manly balthier send me your orc/chronos/gladiator items