Okay. The spins, and overall form were pretty good. They could've been faster and more impressive, but yeah.

There weren't many contacts, but when there were, they were pretty good. The knockout especially was really nice. Loved that part really wow. Just the mix of the fluid kick and the way his body rolls limply across the ground is just pure sex.


KO = 10/10
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Thanks Ezio! someone finally cnced lol

PS Isolations is still a beast
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Good spar even though i got rekd
1st time ive ran i months
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Nice spar poop. Fluid and you don't mess around too much ^^ I loved your opener move.

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pretty flowy, hits were weird, and that last hit was really really weird and weak and it didnt really seem like a finish.

good skill-wise, but the content was a bit lame.
replays pls cnc me