I used groups as a private board for my clan in the past, so deleting it feels like deleting a part of it's history too. I could save something but damn there are a lot of things there

I don't understand why you have to delete them when it's not bothering anyone but ok

watching the forum getting less important a little by little
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still don't get why you guys are deleting shit from this site, aren't you guys planning on using a new website when next is out? and additionally why are you guys trying to delete stuff that means a lot to the forums itself?

stop ruining the memories and history of the forums, but also big thanks to fade for actually asking the community what to do about a topic kinda related to this, it's nice when staff actually confront the community for thoughts on what should happen, considering the community is the pillar.
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aren't you guys planning on using a new website when next is out?

The same forums will be used for both current TB and TB Next

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Why'd it take such a long time to do this in the first place. It's not like they only just died. I want them back anyway.
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