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Toribash 5.5 beta - Steam
Hi, beta version of Toribash 5.5 is now available on Steam for all platforms (Windows / macOS / Linux).
To try it out, go to Toribash properties from your Steam Library, open Betas tab and switch to "beta" branch.

What is new in Toribash 5.5:

  • New type of grabs - rotatable and can be broken
    Grip mode can be changed via gamerules menu (CTRL + G). Manual commands are /set grabmode and /set tearthreshold.
    • New grabs allow rotating whatever you're grabbing compared to fixed default grabs
    • Tear threshold is used to determine how much force is required to break the grab (0 is disabled)
    • Grab breaking depends on force direction - it's easier to break a grab when you're pulling something away and almost impossible when pushing

  • Advanced ghost with customizable speed and length
    Ghost settings can be modified in gamerules menu. Manual commands are /set ghostspeed and /set ghostlength. To revert back to default ghost, use /set ghostcustom 0.
    • Ghost speed can be set from 0.1x to 5x
    • Ghost length can be set from 10 to 500 frames

    Using new grabs or ghosts in multiplayer will make the room unavailable for players on older versions of Toribash.

  • New gamerules menu
    • Only relevant settings are displayed (e.g. grab mode is only displayed when grabs toggle is checked)
    • Some setting names have been updated to be easier to understand
    • Settings that only allow specific values are now displayed as dropdowns or sliders

  • New flame forger
    • Preview up to 5 flames at once
    • General flame forging prices have been lowered and now depend on more flame parameters (meaning simple flames will be even cheaper)
    • New "relative gravity" setting to apply gravity relatively to bodypart your flame is linked to
    • If you already have flames equipped, they'll be initially loaded in forger with proper settings
    • Ability to forge flames directly from game client

  • Other minor updates
    • Multi-key search in replays menu
    • Updated visuals on error messages
    • New "/set curtf" command to modify current fight's turn frames while in single player
    • High DPI mode for Apple devices (requires Retina screen) - can be toggled from Graphics tab in Settings
    • Minimum screen resolution has been increased to 768x480

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed win points not counting damage dealt from dismembers or fractures
    • Fixed damage threshold not scaling on heavy hits
    • Fixed joint position sometimes being displayed at a wrong position when it's linked to a rotated bodypart

Toribash 5.5 also comes with a bunch of unlisted Lua-related updates, if you're interested please check Toribash repo's 5.5 tree on GitHub: