Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Are you Active/Dead?

Are you active? Answer simply Yes/No

No response in a week will result into Clan Admins suspecting this clan to be dead, and your forum being removed.


i've been playing off and on, i havent seen any clan mates out about lately though...

i can contact fedon and smack him upside the head though!

i think i'll do that anyways... :P
SuicideDo, the Brewtal Drunken Immortal.
The hell you doin' highlightin' my s*!t?!

This your ultimatum:
If you want to start fresh with no threads then you don't have to pay the 30k later on, although this requires you to be active.
I can delete everything. From the clan list, you name it, you will be wiped out.
Be more active.

Let me know in a week.