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Headpass with Clockworkmonkey
Clockworkmonkey is awesome..though i kinda stumbled towards the was fun.
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theres different ways/techniques...

I think its (by memory)

contract abs, contract l or r elbow, extend neck, relax hand/grab.

something like that..not sure. I have no set sequence to explain.

Object of mod is to decap head, pass it back and forth as much times as can without it touching the ground. Try not to decap other parts of your body and keep it clean.

I hope it answered your question.
Well bro, to anwser you (Help) I think you just need alot of practice, try it in sp first then move on to mp.
Also on to your head pass:

Yous both needed to move more and not be as stiff, it looked very unrealistic because of those reasons. Keep trying!