hey that first set will you sell it for 8k
They say love is when you find the one? but what if love is the one that kills you. Think about it.
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Uh, could you reserve the 2nd QS/demo colored head made by Colosus?
Ill get the tc soon.

Just come by when you've got the TC's ;)

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i might be intrested in this set

though, is there any chance you can edit the head a bit?

How so?

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hey that first set will you sell it for 8k

No, I've turned down higher offers already.
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How so?

i dont like the thing on his mouth i think it should be more of a mask instead of a plate, and to many har in his face :< like, just the whitish part.
Wafflez, Im going To make some More sets soon, also, my sets dont worth that much, make a lower price.