hi sprytryne you're my favorite person in the world

so idk if maybe you made this before you left or something but if you didn't you did pretty well for being gone so long.
unless you've been playing and just not talking to anyone.

my favorite thing about single dm hits is that you can get really cool combo stuff going on. opener wasn't great, spin was awesome, landing was a little bit odd, rapid punches cool as funk, second spin was ok, I like how fast you manage to get with that first punch to the leg, overall it was pretty neato
I came here to laugh at you

The opener was something I haven't seen before, really unique and such. The first punch seemed totally out of place, but everything else that came after was dastardly fucking awesome. sexy pose at the end lol
Heart of Gold
Don't know what happened in this replay, but whatever it was, was fucking awesome
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Feels very much like your style.
Nothing bad happened throughout the general course of this replay, aside from that little ghost in the pose.
Other than that, this is pretty amazing.
Keep going.
dat grav tho.

i love it bro. the only thing i thought was weird was that your first dm was a punch to the hip. but everything was pretty spot on amazing.

oops, my mistake, i had it on .70 speed accidentally. xD disregard "dat grav tho"
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replays pls cnc me
For that surgical bash thingy. Took me a few hours to make as it took me a while to come up with a somehow decent opener that doesn't look too unreal.
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I like it, the pause after the flip didn't look very good. First 2 hits where really nice but after the split it seemed you started tryharding and didn't get that much style into it.
It is a good replay but i know you can do better, add some flare into it and you are golden. ;)

|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen