I was playing quite often the past three weeks, and I mess around in sp here and there. I can't get the hang of manips much but I gave it a shot after watching some of yours
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i like it, you moved pretty nicely controlling uke with some cool flow. that boom at the end was satisfying not gonna lie so nice stuff.
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hey you're not dead, sweet. I really like the opener when you launch to uke close to the ground, a lot of discipline in the movements there. You moved him slightly a lot in the middle of it which slightly impacts the flow but that little spin kick at ~280 is slick as hell. After the final setup where you go to launch for the boom you wait a little too long in the same pose and lose part of the flow and feeling of momentum from the manip, that boom is CLEAN though. Finally, kind of like the setup for the boom kick I think you lost flow by snapping to the pose too early which in my opinion makes the kick seem less impactful.

Overall it was wonderfully done, a little stiffness here and there doesn't detract from that great manip and that great boom.
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Bottle Rocket was sick, the way you threw yourself at Uke and the last kick were so satisfying. Good shit as always
oh yeah
Vacuum Noises:
Sweet kick, many dm, many spin. Though I expected you to do something with the arm you kicked into the air instead of just using it to get to the pose, it looks to be in a really good position to skeet.

Bottle Rocket:
What a combo and what a final kick! Uke was there until he wasn't, I think this is the best of the three because it was short and sweet and to the point.

One Punch:
It was one punch, a nice punch. shboom.

Always enjoy seeing your thread update
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~
Ima be honest 'bottle rocket' needs a nerf
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Thanks lads

Running Man's a parkour and it starts lagging at some point and i don't know why
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