bit delayed but im here like i said i would be

im mainly a ukebasher so i'll critique the ukebash as best as i can, and give general opinions on the parkour because i can sorta do it

Alarm Clock:
its pretty cool, if i had to bring up something specific i dislike, it would be that you tend to leave your tori for about 50 frames or so inbetween moves and sort of just float, its not inherently bad, i just personally dislike it unless theres something dynamic happening
opener is nice and creative but as mentioned i dislike the break in flow
i feel the first two kicks could've been landed a bit cleaner just to conserve a bit more momentum but it didnt look like too huge an issue
punch is very cool but i disliked grabbing for dms
next kick was very well aimed, and the elbow dm was an added bonus
it sort've looked like you struggled for a pose near the end, with the held leg then lowered leg near the end, that may be a stylistic choice, but i personally dislike it. i like it when you can flow seamlessly into a pose

overall, its pretty decent, but it has its flaws that could be ironed out in future to make a much better replay

as for the parkour, its overall sort of 'meh', my pc doesnt like the map very mcuh and it sorta lags for some reason so i see it slowly, which means i notice a lot of twitches and stuff much easier, but you need to work on your knees and the distance between your steps if you want to be able to do parkour efficiently, and arm movement also plays a huge role (which you are lacking in the replay), you also land on your ankles a lot which can make walking tricky or unnatural, and you toe launch often (which is frowned upon, but i personally dont care for it)
the route you chose is definitely interesting though
Postin replays so often its hard to keep up, punch booms are really hard and pretty underappreciated imo so good on that. The combo has really nice rhythm to it but after you're done it kinda seems like you're flailing around for a pose with those extended knees, just chill a bit and I think it'd look better.
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The amount of views you're getting is criminal, I don't think people get how good your replays actually are; and the fact that you make them so quickly adds to that.

Bottle rocket and Blue notebook are my faves, they're super cool.
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Doing a manip that low to the ground is really goddamn hard, kudos on that
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~
10/10 little shimmy at the start, that's style.
The manip was real nice and a lot cleaner than the last one and the knee dm was super creative, the rhythm of the whole thing was really nice. It's one of those replays that you watch 3 times before you notice that it's restarted.
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<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~