I usually don't pay attention to that with these kinds of drawings. I like being more free when I draw and letting my hand do whatever. That's usually why there's a bunch of inconsistency and really messy lines. I see what you mean though, I keep it in mind when I do actual pieces.

I also up the contrast and black point on all of my drawings so you guys can see it clearer. Which means shadows and pencil marks get hella exaggerated x)

I'll post unfiltered versions along with my drawing from now on so it dont be like dat <3

Thank b
(You can also give cnc if you want btw, I don't mind)
I acually did some practice again.

not as crappy as usual

Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
ive been drawing since 6 months now
mainly portraits and creative alien beasts
i will try to find the time to take some photos and post them here when im free
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holy sheet, that's starting to look dope.
I gotta say you improved a lot actually.
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