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POVray videos and screenies, for credits
Yes, that's right, I'll render your images and your videos, for credits. Woohoo! Videos are 10 frames a credit, 500 min, 5000 max[yes, I'll render 5000-frame replays, don't get mad about bad camara-angels, either.] and are rendered at 800x600 with .3 anti-aliasing[fairly good, in otherwords]. Also, they are rendered using or

Screen-shots are debatable, but I'll use any .inc you want[you'll have to send it to me, for the non-default ones], and I'll go up to 2540xwhateveritis resolution. 50 credits per hour of render-time. [Sorry, I have to make a profit =3]

Also: If this is the wrong place to offer my servives[I hope it's not], then I'm sorry.

Additionally: Screen-shot renders, YOU have to provide me with the screenie, and the .inc. Videos, I'll watch the replay a few times, and try to find the best angling and positioning. Specials positions cost extra.

Edit: Was told this was a market-placer, but I'm takin' orders. The first of many, and also my first/only freebie. Yes, I used a basic include. Why? Because they actually render. Want me to use your magic/special include, I need to charge extra. And if you use radiosity, my prices are 1 credit per frame[hey, rad takes FOREVER]

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