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In 2010 I called a really ugly set a really ugly set on the market and I got banned for a day for being toxic. The set was really bad, trust me. However, after the ban got lifted, I went back to that thread and apologized in a semi-sarcastic manner and got a week ban for that.
accidentally got BISH deleted, used to be the cool kids club should've never let me in

A dueler is only a good as his finest lift.

I love many people on this forum such as ...
I respect...
when i was in highschool i wanted to show one of my friends toribash and they asked what torisex.tbm was

i loaded it and when we were playing the school librarian saw and I got banned from using library computers which made studying a bitch for the rest of the year
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Yet Another Goomba Post/Thread
yo speaking of, i got a boner while playing torisex when i was 12

maybe more than just one
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
Accepted a duel where winner would get the loser's items. I lost and one week later the guy I fought got banned because he was an alt of some dude on the BOS list.
Cancer is above.