Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Alrighty snake im finished with it after 2.5 months -_-

Please give it that sexy text and call it Aikido Principles. I put contributors at the bottom so no need to put 'by aquita'.

Also I just wanted to suggest a new menu:
Team Aikido Knowledge Base
-Aikido Principles - an outline of the most basic aspects of aikido
-Techniques - a list of known aikido techniques and their rating.
-Tutorials - detailed tutorials of advanced techniques
------------Video Tutorials - The 5 basic moves of aikido
------------Scissor Sweep Tutorial by Aquita
------------Uchi Mata Tutorial by Iver
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Tutorial - Hip Throws
This tutorial will teach the generic hip throw formula that you can use from limitless positions and situations. All that is required is consistent practice and this move can become a tool used in offense, counters, and saves. This move can be drilled against a non-scripted/scripted uke, a partner, or in quick aikido servers. It is the pinnacle of judo techniques and its effectiveness matches its beauty.

Inspiration: In the real world hip throws are used in many forms of competition including judo (obviously), wrestling, submission grappling, and MMA (UFC,Bellator, etc). There are endless variations to the types of hip throws but they all follow a specific flow that can be applied to toribash's aikido mod.

Hip Throw GIFs

Step by Step: demo - hip throw tutorial.rpl

1. Control Points

2. Setting The Throw

3. Set base and Spring Up

---With Practice Steps 3 and 4 can be combined---

4. Bend Hips and Turn Chest

5. Secure Finish


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done, tell me when you will finalize hip throwsm so i can add them aswell
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tell me about aikido
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Damnnn that looks coool. Nice job! Probably in 5 days or so ill be finished.
Lol finished.
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Sweet. That code on your first post must be intricate.

Im going to start requesting new initiates to post replays of them practicing hip throws on uke and eventually in multiplayer. That way new members have a reason to be active and they can get involved.

I notice most people haven't posted once after being accepted so idk why the fuck they would apply to begin with.
Thats why we don't accept scrubs.
These replays are linked to the technique list.
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So Snake i added five a few techniques to the list and took away two of yours (hook and push) because they didn't have a replay and i don't think they're really considered a technique anyways.

I had the idea that if we implement a tier system it should derive from the technique list. Sort of like all the lame rated techniques are tier 0 and the great rated techniques are tier 3 or 4 (i cant count). Members would have to start from the bottom and work up just like the old tier system. Obviously before we do that we would really need to bulk up and polish this list and we would need at least a handful of newly active members.

PS: all your replay links are broken in the list.
PSS: Basic suplex and forced suplex seem like the same thing so we could probably combine them. Or maybe try to combine all 3 (proper, forced,basic) in what an effective all-purpose suplex would be.
PSS: I found and editted the text of some replays from the old bushido org so ill add those where i can.
I moved and editted my scissor sweep tutorial to make it more accessible in knowledge base.
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