I must say, it feels good to see apps like this again.
I say yes to all who have applied and I would like to meet up ingame when I have the chance with everyone

Hello TA, or Team Aikido. I have decided to apply today for a couple reasons, the first of which is that I have noticed how much better I have become at this mod. I used to be one of those guys who kicks in every opener, shovels, etc. Now I use the clap or a similiar opener and rely on my skill to help me survive.

The second reason is, well, I have always wanted to join you guys, and now that iver changed the application system, I feel like I should apply. The other one was a bit confusing.

And now I guess I will give a very long and boring bio about myself.

Let's start with when I started playing Toribash. Two years ago, I started playing on my first account, Chaotic01. Now then, of course, I sucked. Horriblly. The game was extremely boring for me then, and I quit playing for about a year. That account is only a blue belt.

Now, onto Jaxonia.

I made Jaxonia when I was on vacation in Florida. The nickname had been given to me by my parents. My actual name, is Jaxon. Anyways, I made it to brown belt in just a week I think. Already surpassing Chaotic. I still sucked of course, but I was begginning to like aikido. I continued playing for a couple months, by then I was a 2nd Dan, and I was really getting good at aikido! I saved situatioms with ease, flipped, threw and dmed my opppents as well. And so, I continued playing . Thats how I got here now.

Now, onto my play style.

I don't really have a play style to be honest. I just start with a clap, and if I see an opportunity, I will take it. I'm fairly good in the air, I can get over my opppenent in a shovel or lift. I can sometimes block snap kicks. What I'm saying is, I'm not the best. However, I have a feeling I can improve.

My GMT is Central and iver is going to test me and upload replays cos my browser is bad and I can't upload from my PC.

Thamk you for reading my app!

P.S. My age is 13, and skype is xchaoticmindx. Thanks again for reading
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Hey there.
My name is Felipe,and i'm 17 y.o
I started play Toribash in 2013iver forced me,and now i love this game.

I have some experiences in clans and now I'm in Neon. I will not say I'm a great player, but I can do some tricks ingame.

As was already said before, iver forced me to play and I also trained me, and today all I know I owe him.

liked this TA initiative, and come humbly ask my entry into the organization.

I love this mod, and would like to share my experiences and above all learn a lot from those who already have long game and many stories to tell.

I see this like an opportunity to meet new people and be known.
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Hidden/Team Aikido/E tudo mais

my name is gabriel and my nick is : xHaxx

i started play this game in 2014

i am a relatively new player , but I learned from my mistakes , and observing the other players

now i am a good player , W1LL14M and Skill helped me be who I am today

i like TA because there better people than me and so I try to improve myself learning from some of the members of the organization

for me aikido is a mod that requires skill and a bit of malice to try beay your oponent thas why i like him
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Jaxonia's Application

I really like this application. It was a nice read and I got to know you more from reading this application.
What I want to see is some replays that clearly show your playing style. I'm neutral at the moment.
edit: I vote yes

Felipe2727's Application

Your application was nice and so were your replays. I vote yes on this one.
Now we just have to wait for others to vote but I think you will get accepted.

xHaxx's Application

I say yes
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Everyone is getting really interested again and I like that, I also like the fact that these apps aren't half bad.
Yes to the last 3 to apply


TimmyBoy watched me play. I kinda.. fucked up though :P
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