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[Study] | Kimura Drag Development
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that bifurcating one was awesome. the replays i have of us have a few of these punches i think. no dms though. maybe one frac.

can the punch be held for another turn or will the positions change too much?
I think you can start the punch load at anytime in a fight and fire it at the best possible time so yes

what type of attack were the other guys throwing that got the best result? mostly youtube snapkicks?
Any situation where they leave their centerline exposed which is common after a snapkick

does the wrist need to be contracted for power?
YES i think the process of extending a contracted wrist contributes significant power to the impact of the punch.

does a grab hand result in more dms? years ago monkeyapex showed me that a second turn punch is more likely to dm with a grab hand. im not sure if it was specific to his punch or in general. i suspect the grab hand kind of turns it into a ripping motion.
Not Sure. I hypothesize that because this is a straight punch and not a turning hook style punch that a grip will complicate the impact and thus should remained ungrabbed.

what are your preferred follow ups?
Following a non-dm'ing power cross i have had success with:
grip, snapdown/footsweep
inverting (but i do that with everything)

do you ever get your arm stuck/trapped across your body after the punch?
yes this is the most common result of a "missed" power cross

how much range control do you need?
it looked like some of the messier ones were close range punches.
I'm still working out the range factor as it seems to be the most critical variable in the power cross technique.

New Technique: Kimura Drag

Counter to a wrestler's single leg grab attack

I've been trying to find a system for 2 on 1 Grip attacks and this might be the next break through following the seoi nage.


In the world of BJJ the the kimura is a shoulder lock used for submitting and for transitioning to better control positions. In the application above the kimura is used to counter a single leg takedown by securing the keylock grips and then wrenching the arm upwards and over the Uke's back in the direction of the ungrabbed arm. Applying this to aikido i found a strong 2 on 1 dragging technique that can be used defensively against a leg attack or offensively when ever you get the 2 on 1 grips.

Kimura Drag

The first grip is secured in the opener. When Uke drops his arm for the single leg that leaves an open to reach over as if im aiming for a decap but instead i secure the 2 on 1. Immediately i begin to sprawl on the ungrabbed leg. Then I project all forces to drag Uke's grabbed arm upwards and towards his back. When the arm is extended to its limit of mobility the Uke begins to turn on to his back. The sweep can be assisted by driving your grabbed leg into Uke and extending your knee, similar to the IRL demo above. Because in the game its better to focus on dragging down ur opponent instead of locking their arm i call it the kimura drag instead of plain kimura.

In theory this is a simple technique because it can be achieved in 1 to 2 turns and you then must hold it for as long as you deem it to be effective. Always consider when you should let go and secure your base as I did in kimura drag (6).

This technique can also be combined with a forward drag similar to the seoi nage shown in kimura drag (7). Also note the deliberate elbow fracture in this replay.

In 3 out of my 8 collected kimura drag replays I achieved a decap showing a potential follow up attack.

By over-reaching and grabbing Uke's leg you can really shut down his leg attack like kimura drag (5).
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I can see how this could be useful, but I think it's worth bringing up that the other arm is free the post or get a grab while both of your hands are occupied on one arm. Do you have any ways to cripple the free hand?
Against a single leg you can use your leg to control the handand either surrender it and start hopping or fight to sprawl it out as well and drive them face first into the ground. If they let go you can throw them towards the grabbed side or pressure down with hi pon the grounded leg and squash turn over attempts. If they step with the same side leg as the leg grab they can power up and turn you on your side if the ungrabbed leg isnt sprawled. Replays when i get home
Sorry guys I didn't finish the post last night but your analysis pretty much covered everything else I was going to say. Nice job it feels good to have you guys on the team.
Originally Posted by Iskenos View Post
I can see how this could be useful, but I think it's worth bringing up that the other arm is free the post or get a grab while both of your hands are occupied on one arm. Do you have any ways to cripple the free hand?

Monkeyishi is right in that you can use your grabbed leg to guide (but not control) Uke's free hand. However besides that, Uke's other arm is free to ungrab, post or regrab at any point but thats a variable always to be considered when using 2 on 1 attacks just like the seoi nage. It's something you need to be aware of.
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