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lmao what a beast i got a stupid dual core laptop lmao 3.8 giga ram and stuff XD

anyways u can only wear 2 flames at once on the same spot i think and the max flames u can activate is 5 im not sure but i think its right XD

Don't feel bad My laptop can barely run Tb

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Ima buy a new pc too but i have to save my money a bot -.-
And i have to deliver papers .. : D

Cool, when you save up some money I can help to build a rig.

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I'm getting my new pc on saturday

i3 cpu.

Nice cpu
..::]Dpod's Shop Comming Soon[::..
:O XD how the fuck we went out of topic so much lol anyways ima make me another 2 hands to match mah head flame :O another 240k FTW XD