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Be more careful about who you recruit.
About 20 minutes ago i beat one of your members ( Jarno ) in fracture judo pretty convincingly at fracture judo. after i typed "gg" he replied with : "bad game. It's not good to lose to noob".

I'd expect this from a clanless faliure, but not someone in an official clan.. you can -rep me for this as much as you like, but the fact remains that you have someone in your clan who is acting noobish ingame, and giving you a bad name.

I've got a lot of respect for the rest of [Thy], but please, watch this guy more carefully in future. He's making you guys look shit.
He isn't a talkative person and is mainly silent as a rock as far as i know...
Truly a pity to hear of such behaviour of his...
I'm going to talk to him.
Thanks for reporting.
And btw I never -rep for a stupid reason. >_>
Originally Posted by ingame chatz0r
[FID]borgpunx : This server is Wurstfest
[Urban-Elite]Rutzor : it brings different cultures together
[Urban-Elite]Rutzor : let's worship the Wurst
[Urban-Elite]Rutzor : and accept it as our new live preserver

Thanks for sorting this out. I usually ignore people who act like this ingame, but seeing as he is a member of [Thy] .. different story.

Again, thanks.