It would have been funnier if he kept going at it.
Ich liebe zu kommen Bauch reibt <3 Kann ich einen bauch haben reiben? :3 Reiben Sie Meinen Bauch. >:D Nao.
<Drakea> My ass can reflect bullets and lazers.
<SokuTofu> My boobs reach the moon
<SokuTofu> OWAIT


You and hanz0 should definitely coordinate a huge troll fest where you act like your on his side, and then hanz0 get's all nervous and thinks he is going to lose his powers.

Either way I lol'd
Need help?
Creati0n says: still my favorite. <3
I sacrificed my firstborn for this great human being to join (M) ~R
Just Use Thunder! (lol)

[2:33pm] superGIRL: you know who is in the hospital?
[2:33pm] rittu|files: Your brother, obviously.
[2:33pm] superGIRL: yes
[2:34pm] superGIRL: I want to make a single gift I need 20k to buy his body texture plis
[2:34pm] superGIRL: please do not pay you as
[2:35pm] superGIRL: T_T
[2:35pm] superGIRL: ok?
[2:37pm] superGIRL: plis
[2:37pm] rittu|files: fucking lol
[2:38pm] superGIRL: please man
[2:38pm] superGIRL: As you tc?
[2:39pm] rittu|files: i don't
[2:39pm] rittu|files: what
[2:39pm] superGIRL: T_T

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<Phail> it will go like 120kb/s absolute max though
<Phail> shitty australian net
<Phail> or I could go down to the net cafe to the highspeed download PC there
<Phail> and be like
<Phail> 'sup, just gonn' pirate
<hanz0> well, you australians are descended from criminals anyways
<hanz0> 'sall good
<hanz0> :D
<Phail> :v
<Phail> 0.1kb/s
<Phail> rofl
<hanz0> lolo
<Phail> eta: 7w1d
<hanz0> srsly
<hanz0> brits
<hanz0> were like
<hanz0> "oh no, our prisons are full"
<hanz0> "well, fuck it, we've got lots of colonies"
<hanz0> "THIS ISLAND"
<hanz0> "IS NOW A PRISON"
<hanz0> "HA HA HA HA HA HA"
<hanz0> "WE ARE BRITISH"
<Phail> lel
<Phail> :V
<hanz0> and so on and so forth
<Phail> but like
<Phail> australia is pretty fucking good for a penal colony
<hanz0> so yeah, I'm sure there are no laws regarding piracy or theft or assault or murder there
<hanz0> :D
<Phail> totally
<hanz0> police are like
<hanz0> "so he robbed you"
<hanz0> "what do you want us to do about it"
<hanz0> "we're just criminals in hats"
<hanz0> "we have no authority beyond these hats"
<Phail> hahhah
<hanz0> and uh
<hanz0> I'm running out of stereotypical comments to make
<Phail> :D
<hanz0> etc.
<Phail> that is much better

"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
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