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Hello , my name is Dylan ,I'm 16 , I come from this tiny rock in the middle of the sea called Ireland. I love long walks on the beach. I'm pretty new to Toribash recently got into the blue belt category . I'm in the process of becoming active and have been playing a lot recently. I intend to fully participate in tourneys and events to the best of my ability. I could also improve my activeness on the forums but i'm not perfect . I would be happy to join your clan if you would accept . King regards - Dylan
Pls apply if you are cool and your name doesn’t start and end with e

It took me way to long to figure out who this was @.... -planet
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hello can i apply

I'm Event Squad! have any questions or want to send me an application PM me.

let me speak to your manager
Hi can I join clan
Hi, I'm an SMod, CS, and ES. have any questions or want to send me an application? PM me.

Discord: Typhus#0201
splish splash Aeon is still trash